Tamir Buchanan

Sydni Franklin

Shena Pridgett

Gary Timmons

Austin Gumowskki

Shira Pridgett

Tamir Buchanan :

A young entrepreneur at heart, Tamir was born August eight in Kalamazoo, Michigan. At the age of five his family relocated to Dallas, Texas where they currently reside. In 2006 he developed a love for graphic design and the ability to give his ideas life through photoshop. He holds a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Fashion Design at Barry University in Miami, Florida. After perfecting his talents at Barry University, Tamir decided to expand his love for fashion design by establishing what is now his very own unisex street wear line, called Two Simple Clothing. Along the way tamir met Sydni Franklin, another Dallas social light.

Sharing a love for fashion, marketing and entrepreneurship; the two have paved their own lanes by giving birth to what is now Picture This Co.

"Dare to be Great"

-Teddy Roosevelt 

Sydni Franklin :

Meet our Co-Founder Sydni Franklin. 

Born March twenty third as a Dallas native, she began her love for the arts in her early youth.

Taking dance glasses, bass guitar lessons, advanced drawing and advertising design courses throughout high school and college helped strengthen her talents. 

After attending El Centro college in Dallas, Texas she decided to expand her modeling portfolio to Las Vegas, Nevada. Relocating back home to Dallas she decided to use her marketing skills to broaden her social media blog. Being a social light in the DFW area, she connected with Tamir Buchanan. Instantly the two hit the round running, branding and marketing themselves through their roughly 15,000+ social media platform. The creatively inclined figures soon became business partners, creating what is now Picture This Co. Still aiming for the stars, Sydni continues to thrive has a brand ambassador contributing to Two Simple Clothing as its Assistant Director. 



Shena Pridgett :

Born June twenty sixth, Shena's passions relate to film, videography, photography, and art direction. She attended The MediaTech Institute Digital Film and Video program. After recently graduating in 2018 Shena has expanded her portfolio along with her twin sister and business partner, Shira Pridgett. Since middle school, she has made it a goal to help others who share the same vision. Teaching aspiring students the basics is a growing passion for her. Filming various styles from feature length films, commercials, to quick Instagram promos her work has captivated audiences. Testing her skills and dabbling in new mediums with Picture This Co. her plan is to re-define all limitations. 

Garry Timmons : 

Meet one of the many Picture This Co. photographers, Garry Timmons. Born October ninth in Dallas, Texas. Photography has become an impactful part of his life. Garry made his first attempts when he picked up a camera hoping one day to see his work being passed around the world. He spent 2 years at Oklahoma State University, now mastering his craft at Richland college in the Dallas area. Under the mentorship of his favored photographers, Gary & Valerie Crowson he realized he wanted to devote his talents to photography. Harry believes, "Everyone has an artistic side in them, you just have to find a way to pull it out." Branding himself through his personal company, Mufasa Image, his photography reflects raw power, courage, strength, and self-progression. Never ceasing to stop creating magic through his lens, he plans to show the world just what he is capable of.


Austin G :

Austin Gumowski is a product of Dallas, TX. His passion for photography started with a love of streetwear fashion and the hype beast culture highlighted through Instagram. Taking pictures of moguls around the Dallas area has led him to great opportunities such as the one with Picture This Co. With plans to continue to grow through videography and photography, Austin’s goal is to make impressionable content while building a professionl business.   

Shira Pridgett :

Shira, a visual content creator was born and raised in Dallas, Texas on June twenty sixth. She recently graduated from The MediaTech Institute with a strong background in Digital Film and Videography in 2018. Since the age of four she has shared the same passions as her twin sister and business partner, Shena Pridgett in film production, digital marketing and fashion industry. During her time there she continues to influence aspiring students to do what they love. She specializes in film, editing and photography and is self-taught in digital art, illustrator and graphic design. Shira also specializes in character design and storyboarding. Applying her skills daily she hopes to bring others along for the ride.